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Therapy Dog's

We have had had 4 different dogs certified as therapy dogs. We have also had a number of our dogs obtain their Canine Good Neighbor title from the CKC. These dogs have spent many hours participating in numerous activities such as visiting hospitals, local parades, public information booths, photo shoots and fund raisers. But mostly the dogs look forward to their weekly visits to local nursing homes. The joy that they bring to the residents is beyond measure. We Strive to make sure our dogs are not only the pretty face in the ring but the whole package!

Our Dogs


BISS Can. & Am Ch. Gumby's Doctor's Model Surprise CGN

Izzy was our first therapy Dog, she also has her recognition from the American Kennel Club. Izzy enjoyed visiting with seniors and looked forward to her weekly outings!!


Ch.Gumby's Amazing Grace CGN

Grace also became a therapy dog in 2008 and enjoyed her visits. She looked forward to patiently waiting for her treats from the residence and snuggles from all! Grace also was able to obtain AKC recognition for her therapy work. 


Ch.Gumby's Brown Eyed Girl CGN

Vana liked to visit our local senior residence but also helped out at local schools. She was wonderful with kids and an outstanding ambassador of our breed.


Ch.Gumby's On Frozen Pond CGN

Lacey is a relative new comer to the therapy dog program but has jumped in to replace her aunt Grace and is doing an outstanding job putting smiles on people's faces!


MBIS Can.GCh.Ex.Gch and AmCh.Gumby's Surprise McSteamy CGN

McSteamy along with his Sister Izzy were two of our first dogs to obtain their CGN titles. Although McSteamy does not participate in the therapy dog program he is bust at home helping raise 3 girls! He is doing an amazing job with teaching them how to walk, share their Cheerios and give kisses......


Gumby's Black Pearl CGN

Pearl is our latest therapy dog to achieve her St.John Ambulance certification along with her CGN title. She now enjoys visiting seniors residents on a weekly basis.

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